Spring Sale and Show

The BPG will be having its Spring Show May 5-8 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. I’m trying to contribute new work from my first solo firings (in-progress).

Currently enjoying my 2nd year apprenticeship in this community of talented artists and have found a niche as the maintenance grunt <seg>. Recently, some full-time memberships were vacated and I was given the opportunity to get in line for consideration, but at my level of “noobiness”, I’m happy to step aside and finish my apprenticeship and continue re-finding my skills – “back in da day”.

The basement studio continues at a slow pace as time, dough, hot water heater repair and cat poop allow. I’ve been making greenware in the basement and firing at the Guild and even the half-hour sessions are so rewarding .

Apologies for the posting scarcity. Here’s to an awakening Spring and productive Summer to all!

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