Teaching as Well as Learning

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog post. I’ve still been very active with the pottery and slowly building my basement studio. It’s still a part-time venture for me, so the time away from blogging is really time in my creative space. . my man-cave :p.

I have been very lucky in the past year-plus to have been asked by a couple of the full-time members of BPG to help with classes. I’ve actually been creating some demo videos for the classes and sharing my personal progress on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/spikethirtynine/

The Instagram thing is immediate gratification. It gets cross-posted to my (non-pubic) Social media that only my friends and family see. I’m really not obsessed with gaining followers since this isn’t business.. it’s just another way to journal my progress – at least until the day I may try to make this a business.

I hadn’t taught in so long, that I was originally hesitant as I still consider my skills lacking from 30 plus years ago. But I learned something.

Every time I’m asked about certain parts of the process and how I do things, I realize that I’m learning how best to share what got me to a certain solution or technique. It’s become something I enjoy (almost), as much as creating.. sharing and seeing the spark with someone who is as equally excited about making.

Happy Fall to all!

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