Cold Winter, But Kilns Still Fire

Been a tough winter, so far for me. My mother passed away in early December. My work vehicle gave up the ghost right after Christmas. I start 2016 already behind in many of the things I know to be looming.

So I figure I should do a quick post to wish any and all a happy new year (late) – before I go in to the studio today and do some needed maintenance. There are a few ware carts that need new wheels and my WIP inventory are in need of a bisque schedule soon.

I’ve placed a couple of images of pieces that sold in the last sale that I intend to continue exploring. Shino glaze has always amazed me in the in the final product. Manipulating the carbon trapping by covering the glaze as it dries with plastic, creates breaks between the orange and almost metallic sheen over the gray/green carbon spotting. I was pretty jazzed when these babies came out of the kiln. Exploring different glazes will be the one art “resolution” for this noob.

Resolutions? I’ve never really sat down and committed them to task. . . so I guess I’ve never really broken any. <S.E.grin>

I know. It smacks of procrastination – much like the late new year’s tidings. Like many of you artists though, the need to create/produce will at least get me moving in a forward direction.

So I’ll consider this post as a commitment to keep moving. I wish all that may read this the very best in the coming year.

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