This is one of the pieces in my first solo firing in over 30 yrs. I’m still gathering and cataloging what images I’ve taken and trying to figure out best way to set in a gallery.

I’m also enjoying my experiments with different style handles on my mugs. This is a nice man-size mug  (5″ x 3.75″), with a double-knuckle kicker at the bottom. Also part of the experiment is a new glaze “Copper Red” on the inside. For the advanced glaze techies that may wish to offer notes/comment. .  the resulting greenish tint inside. Is that from over-reduction since it’s inside the vessel? Not getting enough oxygen? Would welcome any and all comment – good, bad or indifferent.

In any event, it looks amazing and I guess that liberating feeling of letting the kiln gods do what they will on the work is part of why I like this firing process so much.

Happy #MugshotMonday!

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