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“Rodeo Series” Limestone Lithograph

One of my customers asked if I had a web-site outlining what it is I do outside of the ceramic studio, so I thought my first post on this page was timely.

While I created this blog to journal my path in the ceramic arts, I’ll try and share pertinent samples of my illustrations and work in the commercial field – digital and otherwise, here in these pages.

Art – Any art, as therapy

My mother passed away Dec. 4.

She was an immigrant Filipino who along with her husband, brought 5 children to the U.S. in 1964 (another was added to the mix 4 years later).

They both worked as nurses – providing, teaching and molding their six offspring within a Christian background. Music and art seemed a natural addition to this background, and all of her offspring seem to have developed the sensibilities and passion for the humanities.

I was asked by my sister’s husband, to composite a simple photo of her taken inside her church. They wanted the background deleted and a studio backdrop placed.

While image compositing is usually mindless production for me, I dove into it of course, not only because of the subject. . . but I found the act of viewing and manipulating this image and having the chance to gaze on my mother was needed therapy in dealing with my mourning.

Weeks ago, after hearing the news of mom passing, I had tried to busy myself in the studio while waiting to find out about the memorial and trying to plan the flight back to my home town. I was able to create some pottery and while it helped, I knew it was fairly “mindless production” on functional pieces. But it helped. My “real” work in the commercial art field helps also, and I’ve been keeping busy with it, as well.

And having finished this photo composite, I’m a little more at-peace. . . as-is (I believe), my mother.

I guess my point/opinion is. . . to all the artists, makers, creators, etc. The act of creating has always been therapy for us – even if it’s simple processes, or “production”. While end-product may or may not satisfy a solution or viewer – we do it because it’s part of what we are.


“Elisea” – Photo composite

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