Happy Holler Days?

“Into the Bird’s Mouth”

A coupla years into the added struggle of a pandemic and trying to feed my creative beast.

It’s been a challenging couple of years for all of us and I yearn to see some progress on the world’s treadmill to help me keep my own burnout at a manageable distance.

I’m flabbergasted with the amount of science/vaccine deniers that still make the news. And now… “Omicron” makes its appearance in all the feeds I willingly get fed. My biggest wish on this subject is that we reach “endemic” stage.

Anyhoo… here’s a fav result from this year’s efforts –>

Plans for the Mudchucker New Year:

  • I will be helping Boulder artists #BarbaraCurtis teach for Boulder Potters Guild in their Winter 2022 class session.
  • Install a sink in my basement studio
  • Install more shelving
  • Start listing my woodworking

(I’ve found that planning too many goals never work out for me, so I’ll stop there).

I was able to experience a small (amd fully vaxxed), family get-together this holiday, as well as a little studio time afterwards. The peace I found in felllowship and the added creating fired me up to make and attempt to update this blog <seg>.

I would like to wish any and all that may find my little paragraphs on the interwebs:

A happy and healthy 2022 to you and yours!

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