Over 3 decades ago, while at UC Riverside studying Fine Art printmaking, I became heavily involved in the Ceramic Arts and took up a small job as a production potter as well as working for extra dough as a Teaching Assistant in Ceramics and Sculpture at Riverside City College. Due to burn-out, studio space, equipment, finding other disciplines (and pursuing another passion playing soccer) – I strayed from this tactile passion until January 2014. This is my attempt at a journal of my re-ignited love for this area of creativity.

I believe all artists struggle with finding creative outlets. We have all these little ideas scrambling inside our heads. Any creative output helps us to release and share.

I am an established professional in Publication Media Arts, but I’ve found.. or re-found.. a great sense of satisfaction in the clay arena. I intend to share this with friends, friends of friends, family.. or anyone interested in art. Commissions are now being taken, but please know that I don’t intend this to be a full-fledged business venture.

Much of 2014-2016 has been re-learning my throwing skills and re-familiarizing myself with the challenges of working with clay from raw materials to final products – functional at-best.

After my first class at Boulder Potter’s Guild (BPG), I was so smitten that I took another class at the Northern Colorado Potters’ Guild. My instructor at that time was giving lecture re: when to decide if you are satisfied with a piece as a keeper and said “There’s already too many bad pots out there”.

I’m trying to find that balance and have always had this quote from Scott Adams on my graphic arts letterhead, prior-to finding BPG:

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

I’m hoping the progression of my work after re-finding this art form qualifies as keepers.



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