Fall 2021 Class Review Pages

September 2 Review:

I try to send a WordPress page for reviews of current weeks as we go through the session. This allows me to attach demos in-line, and gives you guys more time in-class for producing and creating. It also may be of help for those that miss a class or miss part of what we’re going over in class. Because week 1 was going over basics and intros, the following is what we went over during this last session (Week 2).

Darryl and I tried to show you guys different centering methods on larger pieces. There are a multitude of ways to work large pieces, but the important point to take away from both demos is; 1) Start with well-wedged clay. 2) Spend a little time “pat centering” before actually dropping the water on and sealing to the wheel head. 3) Use the whole of your body; elbows braced against your torso or legs. Remember to center yourself over the clay, keeping everything braced from torso to wrists and hands. 4) Wheel-wedge (cone up and center down), to where you feel it’s centered. 5) Listen to your body. Take a break if you feel tired or any discomfort.

Everybody arrives at their own habits or idiosyncracies when developing their throwing style. If you guys keep at it, you’ll find your own comfort level to where it becomes second-nature.

Darryl showed you how to muscle a full 25 lbs for a bowl. Did you guys notice him using his right forearm when he was centering the clay down? I showed one shortcut to 15 lbs – Centering half your clay first, then placing another half on top and centering that. Since we were running out of time in class, I felt like I rushed it so here’s a video of just the centering. I’ll attach Part 2 on the next review page.

As you increase your capacity for larger or more pieces, it’s important to take care of your body. It’s always good to take a break from the wheel and stretch your legs and back. Darryl addressed shoulder, wrist and hand exercises in more detail and showed you some cool Aikido stretching exercises for your wrists. Here’s a 1-minute video that he’s passing on:

Have fun, see y’all in class!