“Thanks for Sharing..”

I had the opportunity to help Boulder artist, Barbara Curtis teach this Spring

We wrapped up our class at BPG this Friday and I feel that I’ve learned and developed just as much as I was able to teach and demo during the 8-week sessions on Tuesday nights. So much information and inspiration is exchanged within the 3 hrs weekly – between both the teachers and students that it yielded 2 kiln-loads of satisfaction and payoff – as well as a Raku firing.

I hope that I was able to pass along some of the techniques that help me to arrive at my art. We received favorable class reviews and I am already fine-tuning the way I demo. The very best comment I received was from a beginner pulling me aside and thanking me for “sharing so much”.

I found that comment rewarding. I don’t consider my style at the same level as some of the teachers at the Guild who regularly head classes, but I believe I was successful at passing along the building blocks that encourage enthusiasm and continued exploration in this medium.


Small Fiber Kiln


Brick Kiln

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