W.I.P. (Work-In-Progress)

Thanks to those that inquired on what I’ve been up to. My apologies for not posting more often.

It’s our sixth week of class that I am helping Boulder artist Barbara Curtis teach. I’m trying to help guide the beginners in some of the basic skills needed to produce pieces. I received some helpful guidelines from another teacher after one of my demos, about keeping things simple. Because I’m at a stage where I’m re-finding some of the techniques and tricks I employed in the past.. I tend to become too excited to share some of the more advanced (to some) intricacies of the craft. In better words.. slow down.

So I’ve slowed down in my own production, as well. The payoff is when another maker gives me feedback that they’ve learned something from me. I’m OK with my role as an assistant and fellow learner. It’s making me more appreciative in the things I assist with and learn in other life-roles.

I’ll go further in saying that if one has the chance to become involved in a cooperative such as I have, they should jump at it. You experience growth in sharing of information, handling political and personality conflicts.. and problem solving at the most basic level – i.e. sharing of common kitchen responsibilities.


Shot of my W.I.P. shelves. Mugs, knitting bowls, birdhouses and vases. Some porcelain, but mostly recycled clay bodies.

I’m embracing my designation as assistant or apprentice as much as possible – in both the guild and life. We should all be OK with being sought after for help or assistance. After all, nobody is a finished piece. We’re all W.I.P.

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