“What’s Your Style?”

I haven’t much experience to gauge against, but the BPG Spring Sale was successful for me. I moved more pieces than last Fall, but then again.. I had more pieces to offer. I actually had to bring more from my “inventory” after the first day to try and fill my half-space display.

I wasn’t able to help out much in the show due to my real work, so during a couple of lunch hours I ran through the venue with my camera to capture some of the action and played with a couple of indoor filters. Pictures of my brief run-through can be found here.

While going through all the displays at the BPG sale, this month, I saw that the artists all have an immediately recognizable “style” to their work. I noticed a lady purchasing one of my covered jars and was able to enjoy a nice conversation with her and thank her. She said she “liked my style”. Now I’m flummoxed and tried to think of what my style is.

If I had to step back and honestly assess it – it’s that of an enthusiastic, somewhat-noobie, just trying to regain the basic skills as a potter and having fun trying or re-trying different techniques. When I sit down to a creating session, I just make stuff – unless I’ve been asked for something specific. (see “Working On Spec”).

I’m happy and satisfied with my original plan to create pieces “functional at-best”. I feel like it’s a bonus for receiving any opinions from fellow aesthetes about what my perceived artistic style is – positive, negative or indifferent – because it only helps one to grow.

On a side-note; I’ve been asked by my friend and mentor, Barbara Curtis to help teach a class this summer. I intend to do my best by being available for any grunt work she would like to delegate to me. I’m of the thought though, that I will also be learning along with the other students.


Teapot: Willie’s Helix Glaze



Yunomi: Shino Glaze on recycled clay (thrown from hump).


Single-Knucle Mug: Santa Fe Celadon over Iron Oxide brush work. Willie’s Helix inside and on collar.


Bud Vases with slip brush work under glaze. Porcelain clay body on right.


Bud Vases; Recycled clay body.

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