More Sodium Silicate Experiments

What attracted me to this technique was the textural results on the natural surface of the mud. There’s more info about it here.

One of the students in the Saturday lab that I monitor asked me about my planning when I sit at the wheel. Unless I have a gift or commission to get done – it’s really all about playing with the processes. I like the thought of the mud telling me what to do. The novelty of this medium is still there for me. There really is no tedium. So many mind-engaging and interesting tasks and techniques that I haven’t fully experienced.

I’d like to experiment more with these forms. Really stretching the clay to its limits. It’s somewhat intimidating when it’s a large piece and throwing only with one hand on the inside to stretch the walls (if I place support on the outside, the texture is lost). Imbalance is inevitable because of this. . . but that’s the character of the final form. It has given me feedback while I throw it – “that’s all I can take.. time to back off”.

Of course, I don’t quite let go.. yet. I finish the collars/lips to give them my final touch.

I’ve come to realize this when I pick up other potters’ pieces that have obvious character and movement – there was an exchange there. The mud was telling the artist what to do.

DSC_0008 DSC_0023DSC_0003

Thought I’d also share this Cookie Jar for Fay:


Large Cookie Jar: Altered walls, fused glass cover. Boysenberry glaze.

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