Damn The Technology

I’m finally getting around to shipping some items out.

I experienced a hard drive crash on one of my production computers a little over 2 weeks ago, right in the middle of some major deadlines, (for my real life as a commercial designer). Luckily, my working files are backed up on a local drive, but it has still provided me a valuable lesson in how important it is to back up and archive on a regular schedule. It also reminded me how simpler, yet more soul-rewarding it has become to continue creating for my own artistic growth. There are still deadlines on the back-burner, but the tools for production don’t crash. (I still prefer the kick wheel at the studio).

Yes.. I am a willing participant in the every-day technology. Have a smart phone. Screw around with blogging and social media. Watch streaming movies. Played my share of gaming consoles. I realized that none of that immediate gratification, or what I produce for print and digital will last as long as my pieces of stoneware.

I don’t think that my art will have any impact outside of my personal circles. It’s just become so satisfying to do and I hope the end-users will find some enjoyment out of them. (Click on pics for larger view)


Teapot for Two: Celadon with Iron Oxide brush work, fused glass top.


Shot of fused glass top.


Covered Jar: Altered sides, fused glass top and Boysenberry glaze.

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