The Guild will be holding its Spring Sale April 30 – May 3 and the studio is once again becoming busy with the artists producing their ware.

I was juggling the decision to participate again until today, but I believe I have more than enough for another 1/2 space display, even with my usual gifting this quarter. One thing I never thought of until I decided to fill kiln space on my own – or sharing with one or two others – is kiln fillers.

In a class, there are usually enough people who produce all sizes and shapes to fit the puzzle of the kiln load – soap dishes, ornaments, beads/jewelry, etc. I started doing these little bud vases in the past with my trimming lugs. A quick and easy form with little to no trimming/finishing needed. They’re “cute and darling” – (the most common reactions I get).

I feel like these little decorative accents really take on a nice touch throughout someone’s house when a flower or two or .. or more, get placed in them, and they’re the closest thing I’ve found to immediate gratification as a potter on the wheel.


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