#WIP Wednesday

Had a break from my day job today, so I thought I’d work on the basement studio. This WIP (Work-in-Progress) shot is all I’m willing to share of my man cave – part of my ware shelf. It’s a shoestring operation – no running water, (I carry water buckets downstairs-and-back-up; to work and clean). I have a throwing area, small wedging table and decent work table that I re-purposed from other home-improvement projects. I try to do a fairly thorough cleaning every week (wearing a mask), which includes the cat litter and yack that Yackamo (my name for the cat), decides to leave outside of her area.

The 4 gray pieces on the left are a sample Raku clay body I graciously received from our kiln tech who was fixing the salt kiln at the Guild. Thank you, Robert Schroeder at Rocky Mountain Clay! I’ll definitely share these in pictures when I schedule and complete a firing for them.

I guess it’s pretty obvious, I don’t really think about sets of things. I just like to sit down and throw whatever I’m in the mood to practice. There’s porcelain pieces, mugs, tankards, tumblers, saucers, a large recycled clay planter, casserole, bud vases and an urn. The funky zebra-swirl piece is “swirl ware” that I thought I’d try (mixture of light and dark clay bodies). This will be finished as a taller yarn vessel.

Also below is a gallery of more work (most of which are sold), from my May firing. I hope to be able to schedule another firing soon. Happy #WIPWednesday to all.

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