Aug-Oct2014 @ BPG


Horsehair Raku – Altered Vessel. Body and neck thrown on wheel, altered by squishing into “oval”. Base and collar are hand-built and assembled.


Altered Shino Vessel. Body and neck are wheel-thrown. Base and collar are hand built and assembled.

I’m finding out more about my artistic expression and which way to push – sometimes it’s a meandering session, sometimes it’s a spontaneous outpouring. My technical skills are developing, and I feel I’m relying less on them as I produce just to create. I still fall back on the “bread and butter” stuff and find it as enjoyable as ever.. but I can’t wait to explore all the textural, chemical and atmospheric possibilities that are out there.

Here’s the full album link (please comment/critique either here or on Flickr).

There are descriptions to the pieces on the Flickr album.

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