Pass the Salt

I’m gearing up for a solo salt firing – dependent on my producing enough ware part-time. I had the opportunity to shadow a few more salt firings and place a couple of my pieces in others’ kiln loads. I got to bug artists Carl Stewart, (short movie with me pulling the plug), and Cris Conklin at the Guild while they salted the kiln.

The images below are from Carl Stewart’s firing and I was quite pleased with the results. I was a bit excited about the golden hue on the birdhouse. It was a white clay body “Laguna B-Mix Smooth,” that was left naked other than the brush work and the oxide stain on the roof. The glossiness comes from the salt and one can imagine the flames toasting that side of the piece. I’ll be doing more note-taking and planning as time allows.

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was filled with both! (a stolen greeting from a friend).

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