Tagging Along

I’ve been jumping on some opportunities to tag along with some last-minute firings prior-to the Guild sale this weekend. Where I’m at as a potter, I’m enjoying not having the pressure to fill a kiln like some of the full-time/veteran artists at the guild.

I was mentored in a Salt firing, again by Boulder artists Carl Stewart – as well as Lois Edgar and Deanne Ketterman. Yet another Cone 10 firing by Carl saw 4 of my pieces added. I was also able to place a half-shelf of work in Barbara Curtis’ firing. (I’ll share those pics on a later post, as most of them were commissioned bottles).

It’s amazing the amount of work that goes through the BPG studios. While much of it is manual labor to the outsider, I find myself wading through the creative juices that are by-product to the process. I’m stuck in front of the computer, wishing I could check out some of the inspiring work this weekend. If you’re in the Boulder, CO County (Longmont), please come by.


Porcelain Mug: Cone 10, altered sides. Celadon, Dinnerset White and Purple Haze glaze.


Porcelain Mug: Cone 10, altered sides. Celadon and Purple Haze glaze.


Porcelain Mug: Cone 10, Celadon and Dinnerset White over Iron Oxide brushwork.


Covered Box: Cone 10, recycled clay. Celadon, Tenmoku glaze.


Vase: Wheel-thrown with Sodium Silicate treatment. Salt-fired with Celadon inside and rim.


Vase: Salt-fired. Wheel-thrown, paddled sides.


Bird House: Salt-fired. Black slip on roof, Purple Haze glaze dripped.

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