Saying “Hasta Luego” to a friend.

One of our close friends was diagnosed with a scary illness last week. It’s one of those “gasp” diagnosis’ that I’m not even wanting to type out. I had started this tea set in November with her in mind and took my time with it because I wanted it to be special and I’m constantly my worst critic regarding my throwing and finishing skills. I’ve had this idea for some time to incorporate a funky way to keep the tea ball within the piece while the lid is on. So I futzed with it – probably more than what was needed in terms of “functionality”.

Now I’m finding out that she will be moving to AZ after her first sessions of treatment here in CO.

When we’re not satisfying a commission or job, this time thing is what we makers and creators are constantly struggling with. When it’s a gift, will the recipient know how much you care about them and are giving a small piece of your creative expression – and love – in your art? Is this something that any of you other artists struggle with?.. or is it easy enough to go through the process and gift that one piece that says you’ve thought of them?

I feel like I’ll be futzing for years with what I want to make for all the friends and family out there.

So Beck and I refuse to say anything but “see you later” to our friend. I’m giving her this tea set with our picture fob attached to the other end of the tea ball chain. I’ll continue to work on this idea in future sessions, and we’ll plan a trip to AZ with another set and share a tea-drinking session out of one of them .

With much love to you, Patty..



Fused glass knob, Celadon glaze on lid and collar, with Shino body. Altered “funky” lid with receiving hole for tea ball.


Another shot of the funky lid saying “hello”.

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