I’m like the dude that brings a bottle of olives to a potluck

The Guild sale goes through the weekend and setup was yesterday. I didn’t bring much to the party, but I’m trying to offer help via pictures and posts. My truck is available on the weekend and clean-up if anyone requests. I’m in the middle of the year-end issue of the magazine, so not much else I can contribute.

I was kindly offered some kiln space to fill a last-minute load by Willi Eggerman and Berit Naeseth, so I submitted a small shelf of bisque ware I had sitting around. Not sure if I’ll bring them to the sale, yet.

I can’t imagine myself ever attempting the production that some of these talented artists at the Gild put forth. I see the satisfaction and excitement they exhibit along with their wares, and it’s inspiring.

I’ll continue at-available-pace, exploring the smorgasbord of creative possibilities that the mud will allow. If any of you are in the Boulder, CO area you will find some stunning work displayed and a diverse representation of the art.


Willi Eggerman finalizes some display baskets of her hand-built work.


Fiber kiln load by Willi Eggerman and Berit Naeseth.

Click here for hi-res images of the below work:


Kitchen Jar: I’ve always had fun altering a form in some way. Glaze is Butter With Iron, and Iron Oxide brush work on sides.


Shino Flower Vase: Slip under glaze, altered collar.


Porcelein Mug with Shino outside.


Porcelein Mug with Shino outside


Porcelein Cup. Butter with Iron, Iron Oxide brush work.


Porcelein Chawan (Tea Bowl). Iron Oxide brush work.

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