Winter 2020 Week 3 Review

We should have a load of bisque out by our next class. If you guys have put ware on the bisque rack to be fired, you might want to see if it has been processed and unloaded in the glaze room.

Next week, Barbara will go over a hand-building project. I will start a teapot demo and throwing some teabowls off-the-hump. Please scroll all the way down to note practice schedule update.

Trimming Reviews

Beginners: Here’s a video I did a couple years ago for trimming a small bowl:

Intermediates +: This last class, I threw a bowl around 4 pm and tried to dry it in time to do a quick trimming demo. I guess that was a little ambitious and had to put it aside. I covered it that night, and I think I pulled the plastic down on one side a little too much. . . and. . . its character evolved :-D.

I still think it’s worth a trim demo so here it is:

Reminder: Saturday. Feb 22 is the Molly Hatch workshop so there is no practice session then. The make-up practice session will be Sunday, February 16, 10 am – 1 pm.