Winter 2020 Week 2 Review

Some of you have now finished some pots and getting into trimming. As a reminder.. if you are done with a piece, don’t forget to sign it somehow with your initials or mark. We have had plenty of cases where pots were lost or mixed up with no signature. Here’s a review of tap centering and trimming:

Intermediate/Advanced: From my notes, and from comments by Katie and others, you’re wanting to work larger. As we all experience, there is a point sometimes, where the piece may feel like it’s getting wonky or getting away from your center. A couple of tips to keep a form viable: 1) You can compress the walls with two ribs 2) You can roll the rim to give it structure while you’re finishing the form. Here’s a video of me doing exactly that on approx. 8 lb bowl that I started moving too fast on: