Winter 2019 Week3 Review

Hi all!..

So last week, in class,  I showed you how I throw my basic plates. As you progress, remember.. everyone has different ways and styles of throwing. If you practice enough of the forms, you’ll develop your own ways to arrive at the finished pieces. I don’t have a current video of me throwing a standard plate, so I thought I would share a little more advanced finishing technique that I found on Ceramic Arts Network. The following is a potter named Mike Jabbur who is probably one of the least-messy potters I’ve seen – besides Adam Field 😀 (12 minutes – note how he prefers to use a sponge to help him form the piece. For you more adventurous potters, he also gives the rim some movement by altering it!):


For those of you who didn’t see my demos in class on plate-throwing, below is a serving platter trimming I did last year. With all the plates I’ve thrown, I still always err towards having a little extra weight to buttress the outside flange of the lip – and then trim away what I don’t like. (I apologize for my videos not being as refined as Ceramic Arts Network’s). 😀


From my notes, I talked a little with Sara regarding tea bowls. I like to throw them “off the hump” and I think some of you are ready to give that a shot. I’ll go over that in class tomorrow. I believe Barbara will be going over a hand-building project as well.

Reminder: – someone asked about the “English Wedging” that I do for large amounts of clay. See “Winter 2019 Class Updates” page link above.. there’s a link hidden in the edit for Mike Wendt. For those that asked about “throwing to a gauge”.. the link is in “Winter 2019 Week2 Review”.

(IOW.. read my updates). 😀

OK.. let’s make some stuff!


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