Winter 2019 Week2 Review

Beginners: Some of you are now able to to finish some pots and do some trimming. As a reminder.. if you are done with the piece, don’t forget to sign it somehow with your initials or mark. We’ve had numerous cases where pots were lost or mixed up with no signature. Here’s a review on centering and trimming:


For those that are continuing with mugs, here’s how I pull a handle from the form:


Intermediate/Advanced: From my notes on our first day of class, a few of you wanted to work on sets. The most important thing I can stress is to weigh your clay for consistent forms, then try to repeat all of your steps when creating your pieces. Also very helpful is using a gauge. Here’s a review I did during Nancy Kuester’s class on a set of desert bowls:


This is a screen shot from my Instagram of the finished desert bowls –

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 9.21.24 AM

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